NRS 200.120          “Justifiable homicide” defined; no duty to retreat under certain circumstances.

NRS 200.130          Bare fear insufficient to justify killing; reasonable fear required.

NRS 200.160          Additional cases of justifiable homicide.

NRS 200.200          Killing in self-defense.


Dangerous Weapons and Firearms

NRS 202.253           Definitions.

NRS 202.254           Private person authorized to obtain background check on person who wishes to obtain firearm; fee.

NRS 202.255           Setting spring gun or other deadly weapon: Unlawful and permitted uses; penalties.

NRS 202.257           Possession of firearm when under influence of alcohol, controlled substance or other intoxicating substance; administration of evidentiary test; penalty; forfeiture of firearm.

NRS 202.260           Unlawful possession, manufacture or disposition of explosive or incendiary device: Penalty; exceptions.

NRS 202.261           Possession of component of explosive or incendiary device with intent to manufacture explosive or incendiary device: Penalty; exceptions.

NRS 202.262           Possession of explosive or incendiary device in or near certain public or private areas: Penalty; exceptions.

NRS 202.263           Unlawful manufacture, possession, sale, advertisement or transportation of hoax bomb: Penalty; exceptions.

NRS 202.265           Possession of dangerous weapon on property or in vehicle of school or child care facility; penalty; exceptions.

NRS 202.273           Unlawful manufacture or sale of certain metal-penetrating bullets: Exceptions; penalty.

NRS 202.275           Possession, manufacture or disposition of short-barreled rifle or short-barreled shotgun: Penalty; exceptions.

NRS 202.277           Changing, altering, removing or obliterating serial number of firearm prohibited; possession of firearm with serial number changed, altered, removed or obliterated prohibited; penalties.

NRS 202.280           Discharging firearm in or upon public streets or in places of public resort; throwing deadly missiles; duties of civil, military and peace officers; penalties.

NRS 202.285           Discharging firearm at or into structure, vehicle, aircraft or watercraft; penalties.

NRS 202.287           Discharging firearm within or from structure or vehicle; penalties.

NRS 202.290           Aiming firearm at human being; discharging weapon where person might be endangered; penalty.

NRS 202.300           Use or possession of firearm by child under age of 18 years; unlawful to aid or permit child to commit violation; penalties; child 14 years of age or older authorized to possess firearm under certain circumstances.

NRS 202.310           Sale of firearms to minors; penalty.

NRS 202.320           Drawing deadly weapon in threatening manner.

NRS 202.340           Confiscation and disposition of dangerous weapons by law enforcement agencies.

NRS 202.350           Manufacture, importation, possession or use of dangerous weapon or silencer; carrying concealed weapon without permit; penalties; issuance of permit to carry concealed weapon; exceptions.

NRS 202.355           Manufacture or sale of switchblade knives: Application for permit; eligibility; public hearing; restrictions.

NRS 202.357           Electronic stun device: Use prohibited except for self-defense; possession by certain persons prohibited; sale, gift or other provision to certain persons prohibited; penalties.

NRS 202.360           Ownership or possession of firearm by certain persons prohibited; penalties.

NRS 202.362           Sale or disposal of firearm or ammunition to certain persons prohibited; penalty; exceptions.

Concealed Firearms

NRS 202.3653         Definitions.

NRS 202.3657         Application for permit; eligibility; denial or revocation of permit.

NRS 202.366           Investigation of applicant for permit; issuance or denial of permit; expiration of permit.

NRS 202.3662         Confidentiality of information about applicant for permit and permittee.

NRS 202.3663         Judicial review of denial of application for permit.

NRS 202.3665         Duties of sheriff upon receiving notification that applicant or permittee has been charged with or convicted of crime involving use or threatened use of force or violence.

NRS 202.3667         Permittee to carry permit and proper identification when in possession of concealed firearm; penalty.

NRS 202.367           Duplicate permit; notification to sheriff of recovered permit; penalty.

NRS 202.3673         Permittee authorized to carry concealed firearm while on premises of public building; exceptions; penalty.

NRS 202.3677         Application for renewal of permit; fees; demonstrated continued competence required.

NRS 202.3678         Application for certification as qualified retired law enforcement officer; law enforcement agency required to offer certain officers opportunity to obtain qualifications necessary for certification; fees.

NRS 202.368           Fees to be deposited with county treasurer.

NRS 202.3683         Immunity of state and local governments from civil liability.

NRS 202.3687         Temporary permits.

NRS 202.3688         Circumstances in which holder of permit issued by another state may carry concealed firearm in this State; holder of permit issued by another state subject to same restrictions and requirements as holder of permit issued in this State.

NRS 202.3689         Department to prepare list of states that meet certain requirements concerning permits; Department to provide copy of list to law enforcement agencies in this State; Department to make list available to public.

NRS 202.369           Regulations.

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